running shirts from My5k262
There were basically two drivers for the creation of My5k262 - one nice and happy and fluffy, and the other ... less so.

The first part was having seen way too much bickering online among different "kinds" of runners - run-walkers, street-runners, trail-racers, minimalists, marathoners, ultra-marathoners, etc. etc. Different groups would debate over what or who was a "real runner". I was sick of it. I knew that as runners we had way more in common than we had differences. And, I knew that the runner communities that I was a part of had much bigger hearts than all of that. So, I wanted to give all "kinds" of runners a touch point ... some common ground ... a place to remember that we were all out there doing our best, loving the sport, and trying to better ourselves -- albeit at different paces, places, and distances. That's the warm and fuzzy part.

But, how to do that? Well, it occurred to me that many of things we had in common with each other, we had in common with no one else. Runners have their own terminology, habits, ailments, codes-of-conduct, pet-peeves, etc. Non-runners don't share that with us. With that in mind, and with the fortuitous timing of someone telling me about that "5k marathon" they did that one time (ugh), I knew what I had to do. I had to make a brand that brought us together by furthering the divide between runners and non-runners through sarcasm, t-shirts, and general mockery (in case you hadn't figured it out, this is the less warm-and-fuzzy part).

Of course, it's all in good fun, but man ..... non-runners .... amiright??

So now you know. I hope you see something here or on the My5k262 social media pages that you can identify with and maybe makes you smile. I'm happy you're here -- I'm always amazed that I'm entertaining anyone other than myself with this stuff.

Be good. Have fun. Run well.