running shirts from My5k262
I wanted to design some running shirts, but I did not want to run a t-shirt shop -- I'd rather be running. So, enter!

Zazzle is an established and respected manufacturer of custom goods. Their services allowed me to open a virtual storefront where I supply the designs, and they supply everything else -- they handle customer service, sales transactions, returns, shipping, inventory, production, etc. It's a great setup for someone with ideas to just handle ideas and leave the "store" stuff to someone else. And, if they are good enough for major brands like this, then they are good enough for me!

That said, there are a handful of services out there similar to this, but I chose Zazzle to run the show. Why? Because before I had a storefront at Zazzle, I was a customer at Zazzle ... and I was very impressed with their customer service. I want you to be happy, and if I'm not running the store, then I want to use somebody that also wants you to be happy. Zazzle's 100% satisfaction policy made them a no-brainer.

In addition to their great satisifcation-guaranteed policy, they have way more options than I could ever provide on my own. You can honestly get My5k262 designs on literally hundreds of combinations of shirt styles and colors -- tees, tanks, techs, hoodies, men's, women's, children's, yellow, pink, green, etc. No way I could pull that off.

If you aren't happy with any My5k262 design that you receive from Zazzle, please call them! Ask them to make it right, and they will!

In addition to the great attributes mentioned above, Zazzle also has a Free Shipping Program called Zazzle Black. For about $10 a year, you can get free shipping on all your orders at

Now, believe me, I know you probably aren't ordering enough My5k262 shirts to make that worthwhile, but remember this applies to all the stores at Zazzle -- not just My5k262. There are thousands of products from t-shirts to phone cases to home decor from both small time designers like me and major brands like Disney and Marvel. Seriously! Look at some of the brands they create for! Check it out -- you may decide that the shipping program makes perfect sense given all the merchandise that you might fall in love with.

Little secret for you: Zazzle Black comes with a free thirty days up front. If you think you are placing a one-and-done order at Zazzle, you can still get free shipping by taking advantge of the free thirty days. Don't tell 'em that I told ya!